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What if Blockchain were net positive for the environment ?

We are developing an environmentally net positive blockchain.  

Our approach unleashes the POWiR of blockchain and crypto
currency to improve the environment.

Can we use the POWiR of Blockchain and crypto currencies not only as an alternative currency and investment but as a means of improving the world around us?

Yes We Can!
Contact us to explore how we can work together to unleash the power of blockchain to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Blockchain Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact 

Bitcoin Electricity Consumed


Massive Energy Consumer 

Annual BITCOIN operations consumes more electricity than entire countries including Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Venezuela, and the Czech Republic

US Electricity from Solar Generation


Renewable Energy Growth Agent

Viridi Numu promotes growth in renewable energy generation for households, communities, organizations, and companies

Annual Carbon Footprint


Increases in Carbon Footprint

Significant increases in use of Blockchain Technology without adjustments can exponentially increase the Carbon Footprint


Can blockchain help solve the student debt crisis?

Using our approach, student debt becomes an opportunity.

What is Virid Numu?

Viridi Numu, translated from Latin as “Green Currency”, has been defined by Merritt Exchange as a solution that can help resolve significant global environmental, humanitarian, and financial problems. 

Our current Patent Pending Viridi Numu solution will create a blockchain network using a consensus algorithm engineered to consume far less energy than other leading cryptocurrencies. The Viridi Numu solution will create a crypto coin associated with “green” power generation to help incentivize and promote clean energy generation across the planet. 

Viridi Numu can also support a variety of other use cases focused on environment, goodwill, and financial services including tuition assistance and student debt reduction, plastic removal from the oceans, promotion of employee wellness incentives, and increasing collaboration with the digital dollar. 

We are actively seeking collaboration partners and investors who would like to contribute to our solution.


Strategic Partners - When you join our Partner Program, we will enable you with the tools and resources you need to become a Viridi Numu Guru and a member of our Viridi Numu Partner Network.


Ideation Partners - Partners who submit ideas for additional use cases to build upon our Ideation Framework. Upon selection and investment, contributing partners can receive digital cryptocurrency awards and will become automatically eligible to participate in product development activities.


Capital Investor Partners - Early investment in Viridi Numu product development, marketing, and launch activities offers capital investors the opportunity for significant returns over time.


Fred L Merritt, Jr.

Founder and Managing Partner

Blockchain Certified Professional

Merritt Exchange


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